Directory Committee

The committee is responsible for the preparation, printing, distribution and updates of the Association’s membership directory.  The Chair will reconcile member lists with the Recording Committee Chair in January and October.  The Chair is responsible for recording and maintaining the OGA Photograph, Addresses, Social Media and Web Site Consent and Release Form. The Chair maintains a copy of all current and past Association directories, a list of all Association members and graduates prior to December 2016, and all new members of the Association.

  • To view and/or download the 2021 OGA Directory, Click HERE.
  • For the most current OGA Directory Updates click HERE (Updates Now Available)
  • If you have a directory change you would like to submit, please use the form below.


Please fill out only the information that has changed except ‘NAME’ is always required.  If you are removing a home or cell phone, enter “delete” in that space.  If you only have a cell, do not put it in the space for a home phone.  It is still a cell phone and does not plug into the wall.  I need to know that it is a cell and you carry it on your person regardless of whether that is your only phone.  If you have a question regarding the OGA Directory, please contact the Directory Chair, Linda Rose-Evans or call her at 517-1375.