Gardening Committee

Our 2023 “gardens” will be located at the OKC Will Rogers Gardens (WRG) at 3400 NW 36th street.  Per the policies and procedures the purpose of the Gardening Committee is to assist with planting and maintaining the gardens at Will Rogers Park.

Gardening workdays are the 2nd and 4th Thursday every month from 8:30AM to 12:00PM.  If you have questions contact the Gardening Chair, Janet Horner, if you have questions.

All work at Will Rogers Gardens is very much appreciated and greatly assists OGA’s ability to hold our meetings at the WRGs Exhibition Center.

*If you have limited abilities in the garden there are always opportunities else where at Will Rogers Gardens.  There are several opportunities inside where assistance is needed and the work is light.   You don’t have to commit to working all four hours; work as long as you can.